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Photo rejuvenation uses Intense Pulsed Light or IPL to help lessen the appearance of some of the common skin problems such as sun spots, melasma, broken capillaries and brown spots. This procedure can treat some signs of ageing such as spots or fine lines.

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The Uses Of Photorejuvenation

  • To improve your skin appearance without a complete surgical method
  • For when there are scar marks, redness or brown spots on the skin
  • To temporarily decrease fine lines, pore size and to improve the texture of the skin
  • FAQS

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is a good candidate for this treatment?
    Anyone looking to:

    Improve the skin’s appearance without a complete surgical method

    Reduce scar marks, redness or brown spots on the skin

    Reduce the appearance of fine lines, decrease pore size and improve the texture of the skin

    What problems can be treated with this method?
    If you are facing any of these skin problems, photorejuvenation could be beneficial:


    Hyperpigmentation (brown spots)

    Visible pores

    Fine lines

    Texture problems


    Excessive flushing


    Sun spots

    Age marks

    Broken capillaries

    Stretch marks

    It is important to be in good health to undergo this effective procedure.

    How is this treatment done?
    Photorejuvenation uses a method called pulsed light therapy for the treatment of skin blemishes. The technology applies intense light on different parts of your skin. You will need to wear an eye mask to protect your eyes from the light. Equipment known as an IPL device, consisting of apparatus with a laser surface, is employed. This apparatus will then be pressed on the treatment area of your body, emitting light beneath the skin. Enhanced production of collagen can help improve the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines on the face, as well as acne scars. IPL technology decreases skin discolouration and flushing.

    Complementary treatments may help you attain your desired objective. By using a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing with photorejuvenation, you may see improved results.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Hannah Asprey
    Hannah Asprey
    I’ve been having full leg laser treatments at the clinic for 5 months and the results have been truly remarkable on my stubborn coarse hair and sensitive skin. I saw a huge difference right from the first treatment which blew my mind! Painless, quick and affordable. Highly recommended for great results and friendly service in a super-convenient location right by the station.
    Ali Sheikh
    Ali Sheikh
    Microblading done perfectly and professionally. Very happy with results.
    S K
    S K
    Harjot is a true professional and her facials are legendary!
    Laura Gillespie
    Laura Gillespie
    I was a regular with Sam & Harjot for over two years. I got all of my laser treatments done with both therapists and would highly recommend. Sam has some great advice and always worked around my work times. Harjot is so calm and caring. I also asked for advice on my wedding facial preparations. As I have sensitive red skin, I was worried to try something new. Both recommended the deep cleanse facial they offer and honestly my skin felt so good after both. Many compliments about the glow on my skin throughout my wedding weekend. Thank you Sam & Harjot, I will miss you.
    Perfect eyebrow threading and tint. Thank you!
    Bianca Gabriela
    Bianca Gabriela
    The staff is very nice and friendly and I’m happy with my micro blading result.
    Saira Raja
    Saira Raja
    I had a amazing experience at the clinic I wanted a nature look and that’s what I got, my Botox and lips look amazing thank you Sam great work
    Zdenka Cowle
    Zdenka Cowle
    Very happy with this clinic, brilliant service and excellent results
    Salma Khan
    Salma Khan
    Had lazer from here it was great would definitely recommend this place. 5 star service!!
    Claire Thompson
    Claire Thompson
    Excellent value for money and good service. I’ve been a regular for around 2 years now.